Saturday, February 25, 2006

Isolating Experiences Along the Web

Feeling somewhat isolated lately, I miss the correspondences in my inbox which stopped when our Yahoogroups moved to google. I suppose I should explain, that is why I might seem verly solitary these days. Please don't feel that I am withdrawing at all, and I certainly welcome emails directly from anyone who posts here.
orginal artwork by aletta mes
After having had some problems with AdSense and Google over their unjust cancellation of my account and thus pocketing the few dollars I had earned by supplying them with and audience for the adverts, I closed all my personal blogs on blogger (owned by Google) and closed all accounts, such as googlegroups, which is why I've lost contact with with the group here, sadly. I feel however that it is important to stick to your guns. I feel I have been wronged and until and unless Google makes some effort to ad least enter into dicussion with me and treat me as a human being and not a number on the internet, I shall have to keep it this way. I will try to post here still, but it is much harder to remain connected wihtout the group correspondences that arrived by email when it was on Yahoogroups (not owned by Google). Why must they make life complicated and dehumanize us so?

So now I moved one former blog of mine to Opera Community -, where I post most regularly, though I do try to post here at least at the Hermitage blog.

It is still cold and damp here in Vancouver. Unexpectedly cold and I've been forced to spend much more time in be, to remain warm enough to function. That has resulted in a wealth of sketches, but away from the computer so mucyh there hasn't been much writing.

Well, I thought I should explain, and to say I do miss the corespondences, but have to stay true to my convctions also. If you've no idea what I'm talking about re: google you can read my epistle regards that topic at


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